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In lesson last week we learnt how to use adobe in design and also about typography and then we formatted what we learnt into a business card. I had so much fun doing this, and although I’m still working on my own personal business card I decided in my spare time to have a go at creating some business cards for a variety of different causes and people using only typography.

Business card one: for Adam.

My boyfriend is currently a catering student who aspires to be a chef. I decided to use a green colour on the right side to create a slight border constructed of technical food terms (I tried to include terms that I know that he likes, especially barbecue) My favourite part of this business card is how I used his full name (which is luckily four words!) to construct a fork silhouette. I decided to use the colour as it has connotations of being organic, healthy and fresh.

Business card 2: Breast Cancer awareness.

I decided to use 2 shades of pink to represent the iconic pink ribbon logo. Originally I intended to incorporate the phrase ‘FIGHT BREAST CANCER’ into the shape of the ribbon, however I’m not sure how to curve text yet and I wanted it to look good. Overall I’m quite happy with this, I think the use of 2 different shades of pink is effective. I also tried to put a block of colour behind ‘fight together ‘ which was successful!

(sorry about the quality!)


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