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Week 1

In my first week, the class defined visual design as

“A composition of images, text, colour etc to appeal to an audience and to get a message across”

We also then all brainstormed about what decisions visual designers make and what designers we like so we can start to develop our design perspectives. Below are the brainstorms we created.


  • Newtasty (Stevue Copter)
  • Peter Harrison
  • Meeno
  • Elizabeth Rowe (Artist)
  • Nick Walker
  • Brennan and Burch
  • Steena Person
  • Augustina Rodreigez
  • Rogerigo Lionzo
  • Retro Cosmic – James White
  • Don’t believe the type – Marta Cerda Alimbau
  • www.signalnoise.com – Amazing Gallery



  1. Find an example of visual design e.g. flyers, magazine cover etc
  2. Find a digital design resource – Book, website etc and where we can find it
  3. Concept generation – Your house requires a logo – identify various concepts and generate a logo.


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