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Week 2

Last week we had to find visual design resources, and in class we fed back and I though it was important to note down all the resources that people said because I will learn from them myself and develop as a visual designer.

Type and Typography:

This week we learnt all about all about type and typography within design. To start the lesson we brain stormed what typography actually is:

And we then went on to learn key terms

  • Use of type: form of illustration and not just to give information
  • A complete set of characters – selected for legibility, impact and tone
  • Serif fonts – fonts with feet and tails (usually used in print)
  • Sans Serif fonts – “without serif” or without feet and tails. Used in printed headlines or display or screen text: contrast and screen legibility
  • Geometric Sans-serif – scientific feel, based of shapes
  • Script
  • Blackletter
  • Dingbat
  • Kerning – where two letters overlap each other and/or controlling the white space between two letters.
  • Tracking – letter spacing, affects a complete block of text
  • Leading – line spacing – vertical space between two lines.

Example of a sans serif font:

Other ways to control text

  • Colour: fill and line
  • Style: bolditalic, underline
  • Distortion: warping
  • Size: variety, drop caps
  • Rotate
  • Building up in layers

Workshop task: Create a business card in InDesign

How to get business card template only using typography:

  1. Create new document
  2. No facing pages, landscape
  3. 90mm by 55mm
  4. Margins: 5mm
  5. Toolbar: selection tool (highlight, move, delete) – general, direct selection tool – specific and type tool [T]

My template:

Directed study:

1) Find an interesting type case study

  • an advert, newspaper, magazine spread, poster etc
  • prepare a brief two minute presentation
  • include critical analysis12

2) Free practice: type and typography experiments.


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