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Week 1

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

In my first week, the class defined visual design as

“A composition of images, text, colour etc to appeal to an audience and to get a message across”

We also then all brainstormed about what decisions visual designers make and what designers we like so we can start to develop our design perspectives. Below are the brainstorms we created.


  • Newtasty (Stevue Copter)
  • Peter Harrison
  • Meeno
  • Elizabeth Rowe (Artist)
  • Nick Walker
  • Brennan and Burch
  • Steena Person
  • Augustina Rodreigez
  • Rogerigo Lionzo
  • Retro Cosmic – James White
  • Don’t believe the type – Marta Cerda Alimbau
  • – Amazing Gallery



  1. Find an example of visual design e.g. flyers, magazine cover etc
  2. Find a digital design resource – Book, website etc and where we can find it
  3. Concept generation – Your house requires a logo – identify various concepts and generate a logo.


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Resource – KoiKoiKoi

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

“Koi means desire. Koi means follow your dreams. Koi is perseverance. Koi is love. Koi is determination. Koi is fear for regrets. Behind any idea, any project, any work, any creative, there are at least 3 “koi”.”

I’ve discovered an online magazine that I believe is a fantastic resource for any visual designer. KoiKoiKoi holds an abundance of different visual designs from all over the world which is inspiring to any designer.
Not only does the site have an endless amount of inspirational images it also has external links to other visual design blogs, magazines and designers. The website is clearly established to help you find specific information and designers, for example photographers or interviews. Additionally, this site is updated regularly which is really useful and also they have a page dedicated to resources such as inspirations and tutorials which include links such as free downloadable fonts to aid typography. I believe this is a fantastic and inspiriational magazine that can benefit a wide range of students with it’s resources and variety of work.

As I have found KoiKoiKoi so helpfull below I have included a few of my favourite images from the site and also some useful links that I think are extremely beneficial and/or interesting.

An Anti smoking campaign

Inspirational business cards.

Free fonts too improve your typography.


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Example of design

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I always visit David & Goliath when in either Birmingham or London, because I adore their creative designs and cute products. I chose this as my example of visual design because it is not only incorporated into their products but throughout their stores and the entirety of their website. I think that their design is a signature to their brand and appeals to a wide audience and both genders.

But mainly, I chose David and Goliath because I think that their design is fun, quirky and cute which is why I love it so much! Below I have included one of their products from their website to highlight their signature design and also why I love it so much.

What I love about this piece of visual design is the cartoony style that emphasises the humour the image and text provide. I adore the underlining humour of it and I have associated this fun design and humour with the brand.

What design choices have been made?

The brand have made the design choice of incorporating ’David & Goliath” onto all their products in a cartoony font that mirrors their style. Additionally, their products highlight a wide range of eye catching colours, fonts and images that reflects the brand. The almost doodle-like drawings intensify the comedy within the products and make them all appealing to their audience. The designers have obviously chose to make this into a brand and put that mark onto all their products and make it memorable.

In the example above, the designers have chosen to use an eye catching green which ties in with the naturalistic elements (such as animals and trees). They have also stuck to a very basic beaver picture which is cute and humourous. Finally, they put the drawing within a poloroid picture to emphasize the underlining pun and irony that the t-shirt (in this case) provides.

Design choices in their website:

Taking one of their websites – the designers have chosen to carry on their cartoon image with bright colours, simple layout and captions.  The layout allows for a lot of their designs to be shown at once and for there to be a strong representation of the brand.

My experience of David and Goliath:

Below I have included some images that I have taken of some things I’ve got from David and Goliath which further shows their distinctive visual design.

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